Whom It May Concern Certificate

This service enables submitting a request to issue a certificate detailing the cases registered at the RDC, based on the customer’s request.

Not Applicable

Via Application and Website and WhatsApp Chatbot


Via Service Centre (Real Estate Services Trustee centres)

1-Original Emirates ID Card

1- Corporate business license
2- An official letter from the company

Not Applicable

Through Real Estate Services Trustee Centres
120 AED
Including 50 AED Service Partners fees + VAT on Service Partners fees

Through Dubai REST App & Dubai Land Department's website and WhatsApp Chatbot
AED 50 per certificate
AED 10 Knowledge Fees
AED 10 Innovation fees

Via the Service Centre:
Step 1: The customer visits one of the real estate service trustee centres
Step 2: The customer submits Emirates ID to the employee
Step 3: The transaction data is entered into the system by the employee, and is verified and approved
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and receives a receipt of payment
Step 5: The title deed is handed over to the customer

Via Dubai REST App & Website
Step 1: Register and create an account (if the customer is not already registered) or login and choose the type of user
Step 2: Choose the service and fill in the data
Step 3: Choose a payment method and pay the fees
Step 4: The customer receives the output electronically

Via WhatsApp Chatbot
Step 1: Save the number of Dubai Land Department 8004488 in the contacts
Step 2: Login to WhatsApp
Step 3: Make a conversation with the Land Department and the virtual assistant (Malik) will help you receive the service
Step 4: Choose your payment method, and pay the fee
Step 5: Receiving the service outputs electronically

Debit or Credit Card

Real Estate Services Trustee centres
Dubai REST App
RDC's Website
WhatsApp Chatbot
Call Centre (For People of Determination & Senior Citizens)

To Whom It May Concern Certificate (electronic)
Receipt Voucher (electronic)

5 minutes