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Rental Good Conduct Certificate

Provides parties with the capability to review the rental case history of the other party within the Rental Disputes Center system prior to drawing lease contract.

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Performance Indicators: First Instance First instance 1st half of 2023
Accuracy rate of judgments
17 days
Adjudication Period
Adjudication Rate
Performance Indicator: Appeal Appeal 1st half of 2023
17 days
Adjudication Period
Adjudication Rate
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Rental Disputes Center Smart Judge

Offers you the opportunity to receive complimentary legal advice that familiarizes you with the rights of the parties involved in the leasehold relationship before initiating legal proceedings.

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To be the global judicial benchmark in resolving rental and jointly owned real property disputes
To adjudicate rental and jointly owned real property disputes through a digital and innovative judicial system characterized by speed and accuracy to support sustainability
Innovative Platform

A virtual platform designed for the management of remote litigation sessions through the utilization of Metaverse technology.

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