Register a Petition Order

This service enables customers to file a petition requesting Provisional and Urgent Affairs Judge to issue temporary action binding upon both parties in the cases including, but not limited to: renew Commercial License or restore electricity and water supply, activate access card to building and parking lots, issue New Residence or renew it, determine the fact of property being sublet, damages within property or inspect the leased premises.

No Form

1. A latest copy of lease (Ejari) with Arabic translation.
2. In the event of applicant being a natural person, s/he should attach a copy of her/his Emirates ID, and in the event of being a legal person/corporate body (company or establishment), copy of manager’s Emirates ID (stated so in the Commercial License) together with the latest copy of Commercial License
3. Applicant should undertake an indemnity guarantee for damage and prejudice in case of Exit Ban request.
4. A copy of valid passport with residence visa page (for expatriates) and Emirates ID (for Exit Ban Request).
5. Proof of debt such as (dishonoured cheques) together with bank’s Return Memo with Arabic translation (for Exit Ban Request).

All documents must be submitted in or translated legally into Arabic, and be uploaded on the Rental Disputes Center web page www.rdc.gov.ae according to the sections described in the system as no hard copies shall be entertained.

AED 20 Petition Order Request
2.5% of the annual rent in the event of request to inspect
AED 10 Knowledge fee (in the event of request to inspect only)
AED 10 Innovation fee (in the event of request to inspect only)

If a claim is registered through the Real Estate Services Trustees Centers,
Partners’ service fees of AED 130 + VAT on the partners’ service fee shall be added.

Through Real Estate Services Trustees
Step 1: The customer visits one of the service centres (Real Estate Services Trustees)
Step 2: The customer electronically provides the required documents to the staff to ensure their compliance
Step 3: The staff enters the transaction data into the system
Step 4: The customer pays the fees and gets a receipt of payment
Step 5: Receive the Judge’s decision through the website

Via the approved email
Step 1: Sign up for an account (if you are not registered before), enter the RDC system and choose the service
Step 2: Enter data, and upload documents
Step 3: Pay the fee following the electronic verification
Step 4: Receive the Judge’s decision through the website

Debit or Credit Cards
Cash (Real Estate Service Center)

RDC's Website
Real Estate Services Trustees Centers

Receipt of Judge's Decision

Duration to complete registration: 1 business day